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Please beware of internet scams!
1. Do not accept ANY money order or check for online transactions! PERIOD!
2. Do not accept "Lottery Winnings" from ANYONE! If you did not play, you cannot win!
3. Do not use your personal bank accounts to wash money.
4. Check for a valid ID for ANY transaction, large or small. Record the information.
6. If applicable, please do your research on the other party in the transaction.
7. ANYONE who claims they want you to send back money from a check or money order they sent you is SCAMMING YOU!
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: Your bank will come after you, even if you are a victim of a scam!!!

Friday, 14 July, 2017
92101 Urban Living Helps You to Buy or Sell Properties at the Right Price (San Diego, California)  - Property Housing & Rentals / Apartments, Flats for Sale Whether you want to buy condos, loft, or apartments contact [92101 Urban Living][1] to get the best
rates. We help investors to buy at the right time before the market gets hot. You can buy any
desirable place in downtown San Diego at a reasonable price w...
Friday, 19 December, 2014
Terrific Real Estate Learning Curve (Africa)  - Property Housing & Rentals / Shop for rent / sale Buying A Vacation Property There is nothing quite like owning a second home in your favorite
destination. Making the leap in purchasing a vacation home can be challenging, but the rewards are
many. If you pick a great location, you can use the home as ...
Buying A Vacation Home On The Beach (East Anglia)  - Property Housing & Rentals / Shop for rent / sale For a long time, we've been going to the beach town I grew up in, on vacation. For the longest
time, we've been paying a lot of money to stay in a hotel, and after everything that happened this
last time, I was insistent that we buy a home near the beac...
Buying A Piece Of Land To Build Your New House On (East Anglia)  - Property Housing & Rentals / Shop for rent / sale If you have given any thought to building your own home, you know that you have to put your home
somewhere. That's why you need to purchase a tract of land. It might seem very easy and
straightforward, but that's why you need to know a little about buy...
Buying A New Home: What To Look For When Looking At Houses (East Anglia)  - Property Housing & Rentals / Shop for rent / sale If you are trying to find a house, you can be a bit confused by all the options available and all
the things that you might be looking at. You might just be looking at the rooms and thinking that
any house will do as good as another. However, there are ...
Wednesday, 06 February, 2013
Stellar Video Game Playing Facts And Tips - bollywood india (South Africa, Newcastle)  - Property Housing & Rentals / Commercial Property ** Stellar Video Game Playing Facts And Tips - bollywood
india ---------------------------------------- ** **Video games** can improve our lives and
skills in school and at the office as well as providing recreation at home. We can meet new peop...